Top Electric Bike Myths

Electric bikes grow in popularity every day. They’re far more convenient than regular bikes but are also cheaper than motorcycles and cars. People are turning to these vehicles now more than ever. Still, there are still people who are skeptical about electric bikes. This is because the vehicles are relatively new to the market, and … Read more

How Does an Electric Bike Work?

Cycling is one of the most effective ways of getting around the city. It helps reduce carbon footprint; it’s economical and great for your health. However, pedaling up and down the hill on a regular bike can be tiring, especially for seniors. That means that cycling on a standard bike isn’t for everyone. That’s why … Read more

The Best Foods to Eat While Endurance Cycling

If you ride for longer than an hour, you should focus on your nutrition and hydration. What you eat and the way you hydrate has a significant impact on how you perform. Endurance cycling and preparing for different races is quite hard on your body, so you want to make sure you’re taking proper care … Read more

Cyclist Workout Plan

Most people don’t realize that it takes more than just riding to be a good cyclist. While putting in time on the bike is crucial, there are a few other things you can do to improve your skills. Your time in the saddle is what you should focus on, but you can do even more … Read more

How to Teach Children to Ride Bikes

Riding a bike is fun and useful skill throughout life. It’s not as hard and with a little practice almost anyone can do it. You probably learned ages ago, and now it’s time to teach your child to do it as well. However, most parents usually dread it out of fear of their child possibly … Read more

The Best Car Alternatives

People often think that the fastest way of getting somewhere is by car, but what if I told you there are other ways? There are situations where you find yourself stuck in because you’re in a car. For example, when there is tight traffic. Cars may be fast, but once you’re stuck in traffic, that’s … Read more

Top Mountain Bike Towns in the United States

Every mountain biker has a favorite trail and town that these trails are in. We’ve made a list of the most popular trails, places where you can make biker friends and have a break after a fulfilled day on the track. Most of the time, local bikers appreciate fellow riders showing interest in their town … Read more

Mountain Bike, Road Bike or Hybrid Bikes?

Men's 7-Speed Hybrid Commuter Bicycle, 20-Inch Frame 700C Wheels

Well it’s getting to that time you have finally decided to pick up a Bike. Whether this be your first ever Bicycle or simply a replacement for your old one this is a very difficult decision to make. With there being so many different options on the market today it can be a long and … Read more

Hybrid Bikes, the Best of both worlds?

In recent years Hybrid Bikes have been gaining a lot of popularity throughout the cycling world and have certainly raised a few eyebrows. With manufacturers calling them the ‘best of both worlds’ do these bikes truly offer what your promised in the name. When purchasing your fist bicycle the idea of a Hybrid Bike probably … Read more